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Wednesday, 13 January 2021

New Fabric from Scraps

Hello All.

I don't know about you but I cannot bear to throw any fabric scraps away.  Now, I'm not talking about fabric of 3cm +, that's just fabric to me, but teeny, tiny scraps, the kind that are generated when squaring up block.

I have been saving these little pieces for a while and before Christmas I set about using them.  

Firstly I laid out a piece of water soluble embroidery stabiliser in roughly A4 size.  Then I got my scraps and laid them on top at different angles and made sure I had covered up all the stabiliser.  (I may have taken far too long over this, and even ironed some of the tiny scraps.)

When I was happy that it was all covered I put another piece of stabiliser on top and pinned around the edges, and then carried it to the sewing machine carefully so the fun could begin.

Then all you have to do is sew with a straight stitch all over.  I discovered that curvy lines look much better on the finished fabric and more fun too.

Wash away the stabiliser and you are left with new scrap fabric.

I used my new fabric to make tree shaped Christmas cards.

A few hours filled with pleasure for me.  Did you use a vintage machine Clicky? I hear you ask.  Well, yes of course I did, my white Singer Featherweight, but I didn't take a picture!

This made a small dent in the scraps and I'm now trying to think of what else I make use this method.  Any ideas?

Bye for now.......Clicky Needles.


  1. That is really neat!! Those trees make the Christmas cards so original! What a great idea and also super thrifty! keep well Amanda x

  2. Wow.That is amazing.So creative.What a talent you have.

  3. What a novel idea and the trees look so cute. How about a scrappy wreath, tree decorations or scrappy placemats? xx

  4. Such a clever idea. How about some small notions pouches, a peg bag or maybe a hot pad or pot stand? The possibilities are endless.

  5. Well, there's this But then you'll have to think of something to do with the yards of twine you make ;-)

    1. OOOOOO yes. My scraps tend to be small squares rather than strips but I do like the result

  6. Love the Christmas cards btw - sorry...was so taken with the idea of fabric twine that I got carried away

  7. What an interesting way to reuse, recyle and repurpose! And to make the tree cards is fab.. will you use them for next years cards? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Good question Teresa. I make different cards every year. I cut down a few years ago on cards I give so my homemade ones only go to 'special' people. CN x

  8. Oh my I absolutely love this! I must get back to visiting you, I was prompted after your comment on my blog and am so glad I popped over. x


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